The largest inflatable park in Romania - The sensation of the Romanian Coast!

Welcome to Jurasica Arena - Family Fun Playground​

The largest inflatable park in Romania (6000 square meters) awaits you in the Jurassic forest in the center of the Neptun resort. The park consists of 12 inflatable complexes of different difficulties and ages. The inflatable park is intended for both children over 1 year old and adults Jurasica Park.
👉 a forest with 42 interactive, life-size dinosaurs
👉 daily activities for children during the season
👉 the largest inflatable park in Romania
👉 food court (burgers & fries, pizza, chicken strips, popcorn, cotton candy)
👉 bar and cafe
👉 souvenir shop
👉 Tickets can be purchased ONLINE or at the entrance to the park. Entry is free for children under the age of 3 only with a ticket-paying adult.


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