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Welcome to the Jurassic world!


Dinosaurs from 6 continents met in the Jurassic world to offer you an experience full of knowledge and adventure! The journey starts in Europe and continues in dinosaur steps through Antarctica, America and Africa to distant Asia and even Australia.

Are you curious to find out which dinosaurs ruled Romania? Do you want to know on which continent the biggest dinosaur of all time lived? But the smallest? Would you like to have fun with the American dinosaurs? Or do you know those who lived on the territory of Antarctica? Discover Jurassic World and you will be fascinated!

Welcome among the dinosaurs of Europe!


Until now, 80 species of dinosaurs have been identified in over 375 different locations on the European continent, including Romania.

Welcome to Antarctica!


At the time when it was populated by dinosaurs, Antarctica was a warm territory, without ice and blizzards, located further north than it is located today.

Welcome to America!


Some of the most famous dinosaurs in the world lived in North America!
Discover the most famous dinosaurs in America right now!

Welcome to Africa!


Up to now, excavations have been carried out in approximately 300 locations. The oldest dinosaurs were discovered in the southern part of the continent.

Welcome to Australia!


For a large part of the dinosaurs' lifetime, the Australian continent was closer to the South Pole than it is today.

Welcome to Asia!


Asia is the continent that totally changes the way we think about dinosaurs, as it has housed many different species over time!

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